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Yasmine Latkowski, a respected music composer and performer known for her enchanting compositions, blends diverse cultural influences into her music, creating meaningful connections across various platforms. Inspired by her dual heritage and the captivating melodies of Middle Eastern music, she embarks on a musical adventure, composing work from Global Documentaries to immersive theatre, embedding communities in Wales. Yasmine works on projects that address deep social issues for change. She has collaborated with the UN on a project called ‘Change Will Change Her Life’, participated in a Global Health Film project titled ‘Forged in Syria’, contributed to a Humanitarian Leadership Academy project called ‘Gender in Conflict’, and partnered with a charity called ‘Saving Moses’.
Yasmine’s contributions to the music industry have garnered widespread acclaim, including features on renowned platforms such as United Nations, BBC Africa Eye, BBC Panorama, and National Theatre Wales. She has also worked on immersive projects with National Theatre Wales and Creative Wales’ games community. Additionally, the song “Atamanaa,” which means “I hope,” has been used in schools in ethnically diverse areas with support from ‘Arts Council Wales’ and ‘Cynefin’ to teach students new perspectives. Yasmine works with renowned session players for her scores, including Joelle Barker, Tim Garside, and the Klezmer band She’Koyokh, often bringing in authentic instrumentation from regions of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Nathan Hilton of West One Music refers to her music as authentic and elevating, reflecting her commitment to creating beautiful works of art.
In her upcoming band project “Panedeni,” Yasmine has been supported by Arts Council Wales in a project called bridging the gap between Arabic, English, and Welsh musical influences. Yasmine has worked with musicians from Arab and Welsh heritages such as Rickard (Lo Fi Jones) and Ayoub Boukhalfa (Oasis Choir, National Theatre Wales), promising an exciting blend of Welsh and Arabic music and captivating storytelling that will undoubtedly contribute to her esteemed musical legacy. Captivating performances at esteemed events like Focus Wales, International Eisteddfod, and Llangollen Fringe.

My Story

After gaining a joint honours degree in music at Manchester Metropolitan University, I gained my Masters in music at Middlesex University. I then took composition courses with Faber Music and at SOAS while I was living in London. It was during this time that I developed a keen interest in composing music for media, as well as a deeper appreciation for Middle Eastern and Balkan music. I also had the opportunity to study Arabic music with Louai Alhenawi. These experiences eventually led me to compose my first production album for Bleach Productions, titled ‘Sounds of the Middle East’.

I am a dual heritage British-Yemeni musician. I continue to work on Middle Eastern compositions and am currently learning and working with Emad El-Rashidy (Cairo Opera House).

In addition to composition, this influences led to my performance project Panedeni. I work with Arabic, British and Welsh musical influences, fusing genres together in a multicultural collective, from the width of Wales, Europe and the Middle East.  I also perform and work in outreach communities in the North West of England and Wales, collaborating with organisations such as National Theatre Wales, Refugee Kindness North Wales, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and 73 Degree Films.

One of my main passions is using my music to inspire and encourage the next generation of musicians. I am proud to be a module leader at BIMM University in Birmingham, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with students. I work with Arts council Wales on their Cynefin, culturally and ethnically diverse Wales school programmes.