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“Yasmine’s beautiful compositions lift documentaries to another level.” David Preston, Producer, Editor BBC Africa Eye ‘Faith Under Fire’

I compose for Documentaries, TV, Corporate Films, Short Films, Production Music and Games, with a special interest in Middle Eastern Music and Balkan Music.

My bespoke music projects often require me to help tell poignant stories, for example BBC Africa Eye’s Faith Under Fire, directed by Chris Alcock, Forged, directed by Lauren Anders Brown, and Taarof, directed by Alannah Olivia. I composed a song called ‘Change Will Change Her Life’ sung by members of the CK Gospel Choir, which featured on a short film shown at the United Nations World Food Programme conference. My music is often recorded by well-established musicians, including Tim Garside, Sass Hoory, Darius Thompson and Klezmer band She-Koyokh. As a vocalist, I performed English versions of sea shanties as a session singer for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

My music has been featured in a number of documentaries, including Panorama’s On the NHS Frontline (BBC1), Art of Persia (BBC4), When Bridges Collapse: The Genoa Disaster (BBC2), and China: A New World Order (BBC2).

I worked as a Sound Dramaturg for National Theatre Wales ‘A Proper Ordinary Miracle’, working alongside musicians, community workers and choirs in Wales. I am a member of BAFTA Connect, where I have worked alongside developers in numerous Game Jams and Welsh-funded games, writing music and sound effects. Examples can be found on the Games page of my website.

I have composed production albums for a variety of well-known music production companies, including KPM, Bleach Music Productions, Motus Music, Hummingbird Music, West One Music, Reliable Source Music, and No Sheet Music. My albums span a wide range of genres, from traditional Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern Pop to Trap, Traditional Balkan and Balkan Ska, and even Reflective, Investigative, Dark, and Neutral Underscores.

My Story

After gaining a joint honours degree in music at Manchester Metropolitan University, I gained my Masters in music at Middlesex University. I then took composition courses with Faber Music and at SOAS while I was living in London. It was during this time that I developed a keen interest in composing music for media, as well as a deeper appreciation for Middle Eastern and Balkan music. I also had the opportunity to study Arabic music with Louai Alhenawi. These experiences eventually led me to compose my first production album for Bleach Productions, titled ‘Sounds of the Middle East’.

In addition to composition, I have previously performed with Taqsim, an all-female Arabic-influenced band, which allowed me to establish a strong presence in the World Music scene. I am currently performing and working in outreach communities in the North West of England, collaborating with organisations such as National Theatre Wales, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and 73 Degree Films. My live performances include collaborations with Welsh musicians such as Tim Eastwood, fusing genres together in a multicultural collective, from the width of Wales, Europe and the Middle East.

One of my main passions is using my music to inspire and encourage the next generation of musicians. I am proud to be a module leader at BIMM University in Birmingham, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with students. My interest in media composing stems from my work in community engagement and my belief in the importance of sharing people’s stories. Some of my work has been featured in documentaries with poignant subject matter, such as the Panorama documentary Failed by the NHS: Callie’s Story, for which I worked closely with BBC editors.