Come to Wrexham, a city that beats with the heart of a small town. Here, you’ll find an eclectic community of magicians, map makers, dreamers, and developers, who gather at the intersection of reality and fantasy.

In this immersive theatrical journey, the audience was led by a cast of unique characters, each with their own perspectives and insights on the situation at hand. Their stories and experiences offered a window into the complex web of politics, power, and community that underpinned the fate of Wrexham. As the property developer arrived and the machines moved in, tensions rose and divisions deepened. Some saw the new Super Centre as an opportunity for growth and prosperity, while others were suspicious of its potential impact on the city’s identity and character.

The rebellion that was born from these conflicting visions challenged the lines between protest and power, and the choices made shaped the outcome. At the heart of it all lay the question of who got to call Wrexham home, and what that meant for the people who lived and worked there. With the fate of the city and its future in the hands of the audience, they had to choose to stand with the dreamers and developers, or join the magicians and map makers in protecting the essence of Wrexham.


  • Composer


  • National Theatre Wales

Project Outcome

‘A Proper Ordinary Miracle’ included so many creatives living in Wrexham but also across Wales. The collaboration was incredible.  I created recorded music to be played during the show, and worked with local artists and Wrexham’s One Love Choir. I collaborated with the directors and performers, helping to create a truly unique experience.

It was a thrilling experience to work with so many singers and musicians to enhance the audience’s overall experience of the show. Being a part of the creative team for ‘A Proper Ordinary Miracle’ was an incredible experience and opportunity to compose music locally for a show in Wales.