Christianity is a fundamental aspect of life for numerous Africans. However, the proliferation of deceitful pastors who manipulate the faith and confidence of their congregants for their own financial gain and authority has resulted in a battle for the essence of Christianity in Africa.

Peter MacJob, a reporter for Africa Eye, journeys to Uganda to investigate the latest religious trends that reject traditional Christian practices. He explores the efforts of established pastors who strive to retain their congregations, the families who have endured tragic losses due to unscrupulous pastors, and the individuals who have completely renounced their faith.

Given the prevalence of fraudsters and tricksters exploiting the religious convictions of millions, what does the future hold for believers in Uganda and throughout Africa?


  • Media Composer


  • Chris Alcock

Project Outcome

It was great to be asked to compose bespoke music to ‘Faith Under Fire’ by the BBC. It was an amazing opportunity to create a story telling, musical score that helped to convey the emotional impact of the film’s content, which explored the challenges of maintaining faith in difficult circumstances.

I was able to collaborate with David Preston (editor) and Chris Alcock (director) to craft a musical score that complimented the visuals, adding depth and dimension to the serious, hard-hitting story. It was rewarding to see how the music enhanced the viewer’s experience, and I feel privileged to have contributed to such an impactful and thought-provoking project.