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Composer · Songwriter · Performer

It was a pleasure working with Yasmine. Her knowledge of traditional Middle Eastern instrumentation added a lot of depth and authenticity to the project. We look forward to working with her again soon.

Nathan HiltonInternational Production Music Manager, West One Music Group

"Yasmine's beautiful compositions lift documentaries to another level."

David PrestonProducer, Editor

About Yasmine

Meet Yasmine, a highly skilled and talented composer with a passion for music from the Middle East and Balkans. With years of experience creating music for documentaries, TV shows, corporate films, short films, production music, and games, Yasmine has established herself as a go-to composer in the industry.

She honed her skills and knowledge of music through her education, first earning a joint honors degree in music at Manchester Metropolitan University and then obtaining her Masters in music at Middlesex University.

With her exceptional training and expertise, Yasmine creates music that is not only beautiful and compelling but also captures the essence of the cultures and stories she is composing for.

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