To empower women, it is necessary to tackle underlying structural issues such as unjust social norms and attitudes. Along with this, it’s important to establish progressive legal frameworks that foster equal treatment for both women and men. These measures work in tandem to promote gender equality and uplift women in society.

In this 360-degree immersive documentary, the impact of gender in conflict is explored. The film takes a look at the lives of people affected by the Syrian war, particularly the over 350,000 refugees who have been living in harsh makeshift camps in West Bekaa for over eight years. Both Syrian men and women narrate the film, sharing their experiences and insights on how their gender has affected their lives as refugees. Throughout the documentary, viewers get to witness the different environments in which gender equality and inequality are present.

Amel Association International, an NGO in Lebanon, collaborated on this documentary to address social norms and attitudes through gender-focused programs. The organization has a significant number of female volunteers, and as a result, 80% of the Amel team is comprised of women.


  • Media Composer


  • Lauren Anders Brown

Project Outcome

As a music composer for the video documentary ‘Gender in Conflict,’ it was a great honour to be a part of such an important project that sheds light on the issues that affect people in conflict, particularly the impact of gender. Collaborating with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and Amel Association International, I was able to contribute to the immersive 360 experience by creating a soundtrack that enhances the emotional impact of the film.

It is always a pleasure to work with Lauren Anders Brown, who is committed to making a difference in the world, and I am proud to have been a part of this important endeavor. I was able to bring my knowledge of Middle Eastern music to the project, to help create an immersive experience.