In many areas around the world, particularly in regions of active conflict, the act of giving birth can be a particularly perilous experience. With healthcare systems often completely overwhelmed or non-existent, women and their babies face incredibly high risks of injury or death during childbirth. That’s where Saving Moses steps in to help.

Through their dedicated work, Saving Moses provides vital support to women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth, helping to ensure that they receive the medical care and attention they need to survive and thrive. This can include providing critical medical supplies and equipment, as well as offering expert advice and support to mothers and their families. Additionally, Saving Moses also provides education and training to healthcare workers in these areas, helping to build local capacity and ensure that communities have the resources and knowledge they need to care for their own.

The work of Saving Moses is truly life-saving, and is making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals and families around the world. Through their commitment to providing urgent support to those who are most vulnerable, they are helping to create a world in which every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy, happy, and safe. Despite the immense challenges they face, Saving Moses remains steadfast in their mission to support mothers and babies in areas of conflict and crisis, and their work is an inspiration to us all.


  • Media Composer


  • Saving Moses

Project Outcome

As the composer for this documentary video on Saving Moses, I am inspired by the organisation’s dedication to helping vulnerable mothers and babies in areas of conflict. Through my music, I sought to capture the urgency and importance of their mission.

Seeing their impact has been humbling, and I hope my work will inspire others to support their vital work.